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Metrostyle’s development specialists can guide you through your lands’ potential, from rear strata, to duplex, triplex, or multi-unit development.  We’ll support you through all the required processes, offering you comprehensive quotes and full transparency, whether you’re a first-time developer or a practised investor.

Land can be an excellent asset to own, and if developed properly, can potentially turn a good profit. Our development specialists are here to find the best way to develop your land and can give you several options to consider.    

To begin your property development plans, contact us for a no-obligation discussion today. From concept to completion, Metrostyle are focused on your needs and goals.

Know Your Options

To embrace the opportunities your block offers, first, you need to learn about the options that are available to you. Start with a consultation with your Metrostyle development specialist to discuss your unique blocks’ potential, the particular suburbs zoning, ideal budget, desired timeframes and your personal wealth creation goals.

Metrostyle are experts in Perth property development, so when you use our services, you can be sure you’re getting the benefit of our years of experience and a desirable development, with the ability to generate profit.

With each of the options below, you can conceivably retain one property for yourself, while renting or selling each subsequent dwelling for profit. While you may have initially purchased land for a single home, there may be the potential to make some money back, or even create an ongoing income stream. Of course, we want you to still have your dream home, so can look at different ways to make the most out of your land.

Rear Strata

Rear strata, also known as battleaxe, or house behind a house, offer an opportunity to some Perth homeowners to build a new home behind an existing dwelling thanks to recent zoning changes.

There are many reasons why rear strata homes are becoming increasingly popular. They can be used to house older relatives who want to be independent but need to be close to family. These are decent sized, permanent homes, unlike granny flats which are usually compact and have minimal living space. Rear strata homes can also be an excellent way to help an adult child get on the property ladder. It can be a much more affordable option than buying a home, and again, keeps the family close.

You may also be considering this kind of project purely from an income-generating perspective. Property prices are on the rise in areas such as Perth, and if you have land behind your home that’s unused, then why not put it to work? Once built, there are lots of options for what to do with the home. It can be sold, you can let it out on a long-term basis, or if you live in an area with a lot of tourism, you could consider letting it out as a holiday home.  

Every rear strata block is unique, with differing R Codes from suburb to suburb. If you’re interested in developing your land and building a rear strata design, contact us for specialised recommendations tailored to your individual situation.


Duplex or side by side developments have long been popular in Perth as it’s a relatively simple solution to property development. If the home on your block is no longer suiting your needs, demolish and split the block down the middle to build two full-sized homes.

Duplex properties are attached by a common central wall, making them extremely space-efficient, meaning you can potentially build two homes on a plot that used to hold just one. Duplex homes still offer plenty of space and privacy, and usually have private parking and backyards. Living in a duplex is a popular choice for those looking for a low-maintenance home, as you get the benefits of a house, without having a huge yard to maintain. They’re popular with young families, retirees, and many other different types of buyers.

Once developed, you can opt to live in one duplex home and sell or rent out the other, or even sell both for a profit. There are several potential options for this kind of property.


You may be able to develop a triplex on your block if the r codes are correct for the area, and the overall lot size meets the minimum requirements. A triplex development including single or double-storey home designs or even a combination of both can be both popular and profitable.

Triplex developments are becoming popular in areas such as Perth where there is a shortage of homes. It means that instead of one family living on the plot, with more space than they need, three families can potentially find homes. These houses don’t have to be cramped. Metrostyle can create stylish, open plan triplex homes that make the most of the available space and keep all the occupants happy. Private parking can be added in the form of driveways and garages, and triplex homes can either have open, communal yards, or private outdoor spaces.

Whether you decide to use your triplex properties for rentals or put them on the market to sell, we know that these properties are highly desirable and won’t sit on the market for long.


A multi-unit development can be a solid investment, particularly if your block is in a high-density location as your ability to onsell or rent the properties maximises your profit. While a multi-unit development may seem more complex than a smaller development, with our award-winning design team, expert Professional Development Specialists and highly skilled Construction team will simplify each phase of your development.

A multi-unit development can either be made up of adjoining townhouses, single-storey attached dwellings, apartments, or potentially, a mixture of different property types. When you work with Metrostyle, we can help you find the best solution for a multi-unit development on your land. This will help you maximise your profit and achieve your building goals.

While some developers will try to cram as many properties as possible onto one site, this isn’t necessarily the best way to make money from this kind of development. You need to make homes that are attractive to buyers in the area and likely to be sought-after, which is where Metrostyle, with our extensive knowledge of the local market, can help.

Peace of Mind

By collaborating with Metrostyle, your professional development specialist can offer seasoned advice and guidance to ensure you get the best return on your investment by designing and constructing a modern home solution to take advantage of your unique block type and shape.

And you can rest assured that your project is safe with us. As an entirely Western Australian, family-owned organisation, JWH Group Pty Ltd has grown from employing 120 office staff in 2003 to currently 650 staff and in excess of 2,500 sub-contractors. A composite group of building companies including Metrostyle, situated in twelve locations with an even spread between metropolitan and regional areas, the group is now one of Western Australia’s largest home builders and a top project builder in size nationally with an annual turnover of approximately $400 million.

The collaboration of reputable and successful companies, coupled with geographical spread and dedicated staff with many years of experience forms a foundation for JWH Group Pty Ltd to move forward into the future.

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