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If you had thought that building a brand-new home seems a little intimidating, you don’t have to!

The experienced team at Metrostyle is here to offer advice, guidance and ongoing support. Building your brand-new single storey home should be a wonderful adventure!

We’ve answered a range of the most frequently asked questions to help you through your journey, so have a read, and feel to touch base when you’re ready.

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Who is Metrostyle?

When you’re looking for a single storey home, built with style, look no further than Metrostyle. Our ranges have been designed to suit a number of lifestyles and life stages.

From Firststyle, the first home buyer specialists, to Totalstyle, when you want the total home solution, the clever and sophisticated single storey home designs by Leeuwinstyle and Citystyle, which offers sleek designs for young professionals.

Metrostyle is part of the JWH Group, one of Western Australia’s largest home builders. You can feel safe knowing your home is being built by experienced professionals well versed in project management, construction methods, the latest interior trends, home designs and most importantly making sure you have the best new home building experience.

For more information, contact us or phone us on 9202 9210

What is a turnkey package?

A fully completed house and land package option that is designed and built move-in ready, all homes in the Metrostyle family come with turn-key options and every Totalstyle by MetroStyle design is priced ready for living so you can move right in and enjoy your new home the day you pick up your keys!

Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email or phone us on 9202 9210 to discuss turnkey package opportunities.

How long does it take to build a new home?

There are many factors to consider when building a new home. The complexity of the site, the design and the current building climate are components that will determine how long the build will take. Turn-key finishings will also add to build time. Generally speaking, an average build time using traditional construction methods can range from 20-30 weeks, from slab down.

Talk to your Design and Sales Consultant to find out more.

What is and isn’t included in a new home?

Inclusions vary from builder to builder and specification of the particular design. All homes in the Metrostyle family include a wide range of select inclusions from trusted brands for you to choose from, along with an additional selection of optional upgrades.

Contact your Design and Sales Consultant for a complete list of inclusions.

How does Metrostyle build?

Established in 2003, WA-based new home specialist Metrostyle creates with meticulous attention paid to how the home functions, and all the very latest design and fit-out trends are carefully incorporated into our homes.

Metrostyle homes are built in a traditional manner with double brick construction on both floors, resulting in strong thermal and acoustic properties and a more durable home overall. Learn more about us.

What is a house and package?

Metrostyle makes it easy for our clients with a wide range of stylish single storey home designs and house and land packages in popular Perth suburbs. So you don’t have to find your own solution to suit your lifestyle and budget, whether you’re a first home buyer, already on the property ladder, or an investor.

An added bonus, by purchasing a package, you end up with one final cost so you only require one loan and save on unnecessary fees and charges.

Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email, or phone us on 9202 9210 to discuss your house and land requirements.

Titled block, untitled block – what’s the difference?

When demand is high, land may be unable to be developed quickly enough to meet consumer requirements. So lots can be sold prior to the development being fully finished, and may still require the provision of services such as roads, curbing, footpaths, water, and power before a building license can be submitted and building can commence.

A titled lot will all for building to commence faster as there are fewer restrictions to cause delays.

Please speak to your Design and Sales Consultant for more information, email, or phone us on 9202 9210.

Where should I build?

Ultimately where you choose to build is a very personal choice. Budget, lifestyle, place of work, family situation, and where your loved ones are located will impact your final decision. Along with local amenities such as public transport, shopping centres, and local nightlife.

If you’d like to speak to a Design and Sales Consultant, email or phone us on 9202 9210.

How do I get started building a home?

To start your building adventure, speak to a Design and Sales Consultant via email or phone us on 9202 9210. You can also check out our wide range of house and land packages, and single storey home designs to experience the latest in stylish home design for yourself.

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