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Creating a Space for Relaxation

16 Mar 2021

Home Designs

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Creating a Space for Relaxation

The year 2020 brought many different challenges into our everyday lives and left a lasting impact. Our homes became work spaces, home schools and full of home renovation projects. But at the end of the day there comes a point in time where you want to just sit, relax and reflect upon the day you just had in your brand-new Residential Building WA home. Are you ready to find out how brining a sense of relaxation into your new Residential Building WA home is beneficial? Read on to find out more.

Creating a space for relaxation can mean different things to different people. Building a Residential Building WA home offers you the opportunity to choose a design with space for relaxation as a priority. Here are a few tips on making your home feel relaxing:

For the bedroom:

  • Removing all clutter from your bed side table and dresser.
  • It is always important to leave the house everyday with your bed made.
  • Having a clean and neutral colour pallet in the bedroom, this includes the doona cover, pillows and sheets.
  • Allow a space for a couch or a sitting area. Here you can sit and relax, read a book or even watch TV without having to sit on your bed.

For the living room

  • Have a look at your furniture placement. Where will the focal point be? Towards the TV of to the centre of the entertaining area?
  • Consider the colours that you use, neutrals or a bright energizing colour.
  • Having maximum natural light into the open space, this does not just stop at the windows, also includes the stunning sky lights
  • Use rugs and layers of throws and comfy cushions to create a place of comfort

For the bathroom

  • To have natural light peer into the bathroom from the windows or sky lights
  • Have a luscious green plant or flowers placed by the basin
  • Place candles on the bench top or it is even more beneficial near the bathtub
  • Invest in some warm thick towels for comfort
  • Hang some wall art in the bathroom to brighten the room up.

For the kitchen

  • The more organised the kitchen is, the calmer you will be within your home
  • It is good to organise and go through your cupboard pace every few months, throw out what you no longer use and to reorganise
  • Create a coffee station on your kitchen bench. Have the mugs and cups nearby.
  • Have fresh fruit in a fruit ball on the bench top. This will not only brighten your day but encourage you to eat fresh.

When you choose to build your new home with Residential Building WA, you are choosing to build a space to relax in. Whether you choose to have an organised kitchen or a master bedroom you can sit back and relax in, your new Residential Building WA home will become your sanctuary.