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Current home style trends

23 Dec 2021

Home Designs

modern living room style

Here at Residential Building WA, we don’t just excel at providing the best house and land packages in Perth, we also take the business of interior design and its evolution very seriously. In an attempt to find all the hottest current interior design trends we have done some extensive research and put together our findings for those of you who are in the glorious, exciting position of planning how to decorate your home. From speaking to influential style experts and highly respected interior designers and getting their best suggestions and opinions to analysing the most common online searches in search engines and on social media platforms we leave no stone unturned in our quest.

Home decor trends can encompass everything from stone-cold classics to some pretty wild concepts. They won’t all appeal to your particular sense of style but we hope they can at least give you food for thought and perhaps encourage you to explore your own creativity when decorating your living spaces. In no particular order then, here are some of the trendiest current home style ideas.  

Going green 

This particular trend incorporates both meanings of the term ‘green’. Ecologically sound materials and natural/found objects have been super hot this year, especially beautiful pieces of carved driftwood or interesting rocks and shells. There’s a shift towards more conscious and sustainable levels of consumption as people re-evaluate their impact. For many, that means keeping an eye on waste and purchasing fewer brand-new products, in favour of more sustainable or existing ones. This pleasing trend towards low-waste living includes repairing and re-purposing damaged or unwanted items, up-cycling, and reducing plastic use in the home. There is also a huge move towards taking advantage of the wealth of stunning second-hand pieces to be found with a little digging that is life-affirming to witness. 

As for its other meaning – the glorious and versatile range of green is currently the biggest trend in colour, from deep, bold, luxurious feeling greens to crisper pale ones and everything in-between, we have truly embraced this trend and long may it continue as far as we’re concerned at Residential Building WA.

Natural materials 

Linked closely with the recent love of all things green and natural, we are not surprised to find natural materials again being so popular.  Everything from found timber, wool throws, bed-covers and sculpted rattan and linen wall hangings are trending hard and it seems that people are desperate to bring a feeling of the natural world inside.  

Neutral colours

Neutral tones have serious longevity in the interior design world and their popularity shows no sign of waning any time soon. One notable difference is that warmer shades of grey have been on the increase within this wider trend, especially in kitchens. From our perspective, it stands to reason that this style choice would remain so popular, as neutral colours provide the perfect backdrop or blank canvas that you can express yourself onto with the clever use of bold, colourful objects and accessories or wall art.


An abundance of houseplants is another ubiquitous trend that never really goes away. It seems we are addicted to the healing benefits, both physical and psychological, that surrounding ourselves with living plants promote in us and we are glad to report that they are here to stay. Particularly popular at the moment are wall-trailing or climbing vines, low-maintenance succulents hanging from ceilings, and some of the more old-school choices like the indestructible Cheese Plant or the Ficus as the retro vibe comes back around once again.  

For those of us who can’t manage to keep plants alive long enough to enjoy them it’s worth noting that floral patterns have made yet another comeback, particularly in less obvious locations such as the dining room. 


Combining precise and beautiful Japanese minimalist style with natural Scandinavian colours and tones has been big this year as too much time spent around clutter has clearly driven some people to dial everything back and take a more zen approach to interior design. Scandinavian tones use the landscape as inspiration and incorporate light shades of greens and blues to bring calm and tranquillity but also make use of layering classic whites, greys and muted natural tones.

Heavy metal

Fear not, we’re not talking about posters of long-haired men in leather brandishing black guitars. Rather, the use of dark metals is currently incredibly popular and can be seen appearing everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen. The industrial look is not a new concept, but this time it comes with the twist that it is softened by the juxtaposition of natural materials like untreated, rustic woods and exposed stone. 

Home office

It will come as no surprise to most people to hear that the home office has become an integral and essential focus of modern living. Creating a comfortable, calming office space that is also highly practical is an interesting challenge in itself but certain elements have been popular of late. Depending on the limitations and practicalities of what is normally the smallest room in the house there are some style choices you can make to enhance the time spent in there.

  • Keep the styling clean and bright
  • Choose luxurious, comfortable seating that supports your back ergonomically
  • Minimalise clutter in your immediate workspace
  • Add dashes of colour for visual interest
  • Decorate with sentimental images or objects, especially any work-related achievements 
luxury working room executive office

Bold tiles

This season has been all about the most colourful ceramic tiling utilised in kitchens and bathrooms. Beautifully imperfect hand-decorated tiles and are a particularly nice touch and some spaces even boast tiles created by family members using craft tile kits. A fine way to immortalise your children’s artistic efforts, and when they’re not focusing on providing incredible house and land packages in Perth some of the Residential Building WA team have even had a go at making their own!

So there you have it, some of our favourite current trends that we hope will ignite a spark of creativity in you and drive you out into the world to find that perfect piece of kitsch you’ve always wanted or drag a gorgeous bit of driftwood home from the beach. Enjoy.