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Enduring the Design Trends

30 Mar 2021

Home Designs

The Mandalay by Metrostyle Homes

Design trends come and go every year, but there are many that stick around and need to be taken into consideration when building.

Designing and building a contemporary styled home that will last through the years while retaining resale value for down the track is something to consider. Here are our designer’s top timeless trends tips when building a Residential Building WA home:

European Appliances

Cooking shows have attracted a surge of interest in home cooking amongst the masses in Perth! From the modern entertainer to the inspired home chefs and this has translated into higher investment in quality ovens and cooktops, such as European appliances by Artusi.

Multifunctional Games Room

Whether the games room is for the kids or for you, this trend is all about having a relaxing and fun place for the family to hang out, or for the kids to entertain their friends. Home to all from dolls to pool tables, Residential Building WA will help design a flexible space to suit you and your family while future-proofing the room to be transformed as the kids grow up.

Open living

Creating a seamless transition from inside the home to the outside is a way to maximise your space with practicality. The practicality of entertaining your guests no matter where they are – dining or alfresco, they will all feel a part of the same room.

Study Area

Working from home became a norm in 2020, and now in 2021 it is important we build work/ study areas into your new Residential Building WA home. Having a study area is a private escape room allowing you to shut off what is going on in the rest of the home and for you to solely focus on your task ahead.


A decision to be made when in the design stage. This decision includes where you want your bedrooms to be placed in regards to the social rooms on your home. Do you want the master and secondary rooms together or master at the front of the home? Have you considered having an alfresco running off the main living area? This will increase the entertaining area.


By incorporating a skylight into your rooms, not only will it provide more natural light, but it will also be a piece of art. A piece of art that will draw your guests to look up in wonder and awe. The natural light the skylight brings into the home will bounce from wall to wall creating shadows and dimension. A piece of art in other words.

There is no time like the present to start designing your new home, incorporating these design tips. Don’t know where to start on your home building journey? Residential Building WA does! Contact us today to bring your new home designs to life.