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How to decorate your home on a budget

26 Oct 2021

Home Designs

tropical interior design living room

Any Perth first home buyers know that finding spare cash for interesting and attractive decorations can be challenging when just getting started on the property ladder. Although Residential Building WA’s house and land packages for first-time buyers represent superb value for money and long-term investments, it can still be tough to find extra for accessories and furnishings in the beginning. 

The design team at Residential Building WA have put together some great ideas and tips for decorating your home on a budget without compromising on style or overall effect. 

The first thing that the whole team agreed upon was the concept of ‘picking your battles’ and accepting that not everything can or should come at a reduced cost. 

Once you have decided your total budget:

Make the most of what you already have

A change is as good as a rest if you believe the old adage and sometimes you simply don’t have the means or inclination to buy anything new to decorate a space. We’ve all moved the furniture around as teenagers wanting to feel a sense of individuality and ownership. The same principles apply here, so relocate items of furniture to other rooms and repurpose them if possible – consider painting them bright colours or using a sarong or wide scarf to cover ugly surfaces. Let your imagination go and you might surprise yourself with the results.  

Splurge on quality where it matters to you

Aside from certain objects that we could argue are more practical than decorative (sofas, dining room sets, curtains etc) it will soothe your soul on a daily basis and make you feel more at home to have certain elements in your space that were not purchased because of their cost, but because you adore them. Feed your passions and they will repay you time and time again, so treat yourself to as many ‘splurge’ items as the budget will allow and never feel guilty about it; that defeats the object. 

Houseplants in every room

It is scientifically proven that houseplants make a marked difference in the mood and general well-being of the inhabitants of any home. While some houseplants can be extremely expensive and tricky to maintain some others are quite the opposite and they can be a superb low-cost, high reward option if chosen carefully. 

Check out three of our favourite beautiful but inexpensive plants that can easily enhance any space:

  • Snake plant: A hardy bedroom plant that stores oxygen throughout the day and releases it at night.
snake plant white pot
  • Devil’s Ivy: A hardy tropical vine plant with attractive leaves.
  • ZZ plant: A low-maintenance, slow-growing houseplant.

Some other low-cost houseplants to consider include:

  • Lady’s Slipper Orchid. 
  • Philodendron. 
  • Chinese Evergreen.
  • African violet.
  • Peperomia.

Shop on marketplace and charity shops

Everything doesn’t have to be new and nor should it be if you want to create an intriguing sense of style with your choice of accessories and decorative items. Some of the most unique, inspirational items are to be found in charity shops, garage sales, and Facebook marketplace. The inherent value of the item is not important – it’s all about the look and how it can be displayed or manipulated to provide an interesting visual appeal. Some old fashioned styles become ‘retro’ given enough time and nothing should be written off without consideration. Approaching accessory and object shopping with an open mind and a lack of snobbery or pre-existing judgement reveals myriad objects and ornaments that can add interest to any space for very little outlay. Choose unusual objects that add interest and character and that speak to you in some way, if you like the look of something then that’s good enough. Remember that you have to live with these things, so avoid stuff that will make you or your guests uncomfortable to be around.

Alternative wall art

Consider framing or hanging favourite items that you already own – things like rugs and throws can look amazing hanging from the walls instead of lying on the floor or sofa. Photographs can be blown up to giant sizes these days and iconic images and retro posters can be picked up for decent amounts and framed reasonably cheaply. If you’re prepared to think a little more creatively then there are a huge number of things that can be used to adorn walls and surfaces without looking too bizarre or cheap. Local student art shows and exhibitions are also a great place to pick up affordable, unique works of art for good prices and it helps the students out too. 

Paint the walls 

Perth first home buyers who are ready to invest in property and are considering one of Metrostyle’s house and land packages for first-time buyers will find they represent the perfect blank canvas on which to express themselves through colour. Paint is a simple and hugely effective way to transform any space in a very short time and is reasonably inexpensive, certainly in terms of the impact it makes. The beauty of it is that, if you don’t like the results of the change you can simply do it again.  

Revamp unwanted furniture 

Friends and family may be happy to let you have pieces of furniture that you can give a new lease of life to, and it’s commonplace for people to leave unwanted items outside their homes for others in Australia, so keep your eyes peeled. With the recent love for ‘shabby chic’ styling, almost any item can be given the relic look deliberately and be born again. Check online marketplace outlets for giveaways and cheap furniture – even if it only acts as a temporary stop-gap measure it’s possible to find some excellent items for very little expense and let your creativity rip!

Perth first home buyers can challenge themselves to decorate their new home stylishly and inexpensively with a little ingenuity, creative thinking, and effort. 

Please get in touch with any questions or comments you may have, or with any enquiries about our incredible house and land packages for first-time buyers. 

At Residential Building WA, we have all the expertise you could ever need.