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How To Find a Design Style For Your Home

21 Sep 2021

Home Designs

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When it comes to the subject of brand new home design there are some people who are instantly filled with visions of how they want their house to look and feel, inside and out. They can visualise every detail and nuance of colour and lighting, seeing each room in its finished state of perfection and every element of the exterior from the architectural features to the shape of the swimming pool. Then there are the rest of us.

Some people are, of course, blessed with a natural aptitude for stylish, elegant design and seem to have an instinctive knack for what items to choose to accentuate each area and what soft furnishings complement each other best. They are the lucky ones, but with a little focus and know-how, there is no reason that unique, satisfying design choices cannot be achieved by anybody who wants to try, from Perth first home buyers to budding architects and interior designers. 

With the rise of house and land packages for first-time buyers, the number of people designing their own homes from scratch and from top to bottom has increased dramatically over recent years. Residential Building WA have put together a guide of tips and ideas to help you make design choices that will work best for you, not just for today, but for many years to come. 

First steps

A great place to start getting a feel for what is available and might suit you best is to browse Residential Building WA’s incredibly wide range of home designs. 

Take your time and study each one carefully, maybe making notes as you do so. 

  • Is there anything about each one that strikes you at first glance? 
  • Do any of them incorporate design elements that you instinctively like or dislike? 
  • Are there certain ‘fixed’ features that you feel you absolutely must have, like a double garage or other architectural characteristics? 
  • Would you be happier with one or two storeys? 
  • Is it possible that you will need more rooms in future? 
  • Do you prefer to maximise your internal space or compromise and have more outdoor room for pets, kids, and barbecues?
  • Will there be a swimming pool? 

The list goes on, and it is important to add lots of searching questions of your own. 

Time spent pondering these fundamental ideas upfront is essential to the process and should never be seen as time wasted. What are a few minutes or hours of daydreaming and pondering certain things now, versus a lifetime of contented living in your dream home with no regrets about hastily made decisions? 

Think big and remember that there are no wrong answers in brainstorming! There will be plenty of time for analysing your aspirations and comparing them with the reality of your situation later. Be totally honest with yourself about what your dream house would look and feel like and then work towards getting as close as possible to that vision. This is where interaction with your Residential Building WA experts will be invaluable, as they can discuss your wishes in detail with you and point out any issues or restrictions you may not have considered.

Ready-made house and land packages for first-time buyers

Clearly, not all Perth first home buyers are unfulfilled designers and architects who want to make a decision on every single aspect of their new home. It’s possible that you are building your first property as a ‘ladder-climbing investment and will look to move to a bigger place as your family life changes and the value of your investment rises and allows for an upgrade. Whatever the reason, if you feel that you would prefer to simply choose a ready-designed home that has its plot of land already and is just waiting to be built then Residential Building WA has the perfect solution for you. There are literally dozens of house and land packages for first-time buyers for you to choose, or just take inspiration from today. 

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Interior design challenges

When we turn our attention to the interior design of new homes is when the real fun begins. This is the time you can really start to express yourself and your personal style on the blank canvas of a brand new home.

Again, it will pay huge dividends in the long run if you are diligent and thorough in your research and planning. Take advantage of the myriad of sources of inspiration that are available for Perth first home buyers nowadays, from books and magazines to the rabbit hole of social media and the all-knowing Internet. Seek out, absorb, and analyse as many different styles and ideas as you can. Some things will naturally appeal to you and feel right, so make an ‘inspiration board’ and keep them all together. Revisit them often and try to look at them objectively and with one eye firmly on the practicalities of real life. It’s all very well to adore a moody Neo-Gothic scene that speaks of 18th-century grandeur, but if the kids are going to fall over in the brooding semi-darkness then it isn’t going to work for your situation. Ask yourself some probing questions that will begin to lead you down the right path towards creating your perfect dream home:

  • Will you choose pale, neutral wall colours and enhance them with accessories and complementary artworks, or opt for bright, modern coloured walls that make a bold statement without the need for accentuation?
  • Do you prefer the bright, well-illuminated ambience of minimalist spaces, or more subdued and calmer, darker ones? 
  • There are 3 types of internal lighting – ambient, task, and accent. How will you make use of them all and combine them creatively? 
  • Will your chosen scheme apply to the whole house, or just to certain areas?

At Residential Building WA we have years of experience in helping Perth first home buyers to achieve their dreams by designing and building their dream homes and we can do the same for you. Get in touch and talk over all your questions and ideas regarding house and land packages for first-time buyers with one of our professional team members today.

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