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Love Where You Live

13 Apr 2021

Building Tips & Inspiration

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Love Where You Live

Do you live in the perfect location but your home no longer serves your purpose? We have a solution for you. The answer is to demolish the old and to build brand new. Residential Building WA includes an array of specialised designs for the single or double storey home buyer. Each home has been cleverly designed so you’re sure to find one to suit you and your lifestyle. Are you ready to find out how demolishing and building new might be for you? Then read on.

Demolition, Design, Build

Our team is experienced in the entire end-to-end demolish and build process. We project manage from start to finish so you will know what is happening, and when it’s happening.

You will be taken through the design phase choosing colours, finishes and of course the layout of your newer, bigger and better single storey home. From bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living, you will make all the design decisions.

The next step is the fun step, the demolition of your old home. Our experienced team will take care of the demolition of your existing home, including all necessary shire/ council approvals. We’ve got your back.

Now it is time to build your new Residential Building WA home. You will watch all of your dreams, ideas and visions be brought to life step by step. You will watch you dream kitchen go in, the master bedroom and a double vanity ensuite, the games room for your children and of course your big open space living, dining and entertaining area. You really will have the best house on the street.

There is no need to remove yourself from your perfect suburb, when you can just demolish and rebuild the house that will serve you better. Not sure where to start? Have a look at some of our inspiration homes designs to get you started on your new home building journey today, or contact Residential Building WA today and we will get you on your way.