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The Heart of Your Home

27 Apr 2021

Home Designs

Telethon Home 2019 Deluxe Kitchen

What you need in your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is why the open plan kitchen is a trend that has never left. The use of sweeping space, island benches and centrally located sinks, add to the feel of a space where you can cook up a storm and still be a part of the action. We have come up with ten kitchen designs that will inspire you, and blow your mind!

The Island Bench

What we like? The timber floorboards follow the direction of the slimline cabinets and effortlessly flow into the outdoor living space. The pendant lights follow the same direction whilst the sink and appliances are seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry and complete this refined look.

Skylight, Bright Light

Natural light is at its best in this modern kitchen. Skylights have been positioned over the island bench to direct the natural light creating a focal point. It perfectly ties together a marble finish with warm timbers and clean lines. The chalkboard adds a certain charm and brings a homely feel to the large working space.

Crisp and Sleek Finishes

The crisp white kitchen is enhanced with two single shelves to the back wall that act as a display cabinet. The dark timber finish to the cabinetry contrasts the white allowing the white to ‘pop’. This generous ‘U’ shape kitchen allows for easy access and use of all the bench space and creates a kitchen that is fit for a chef.

The Floating Benchtop

A floating bench? This loft residence uses a floating benchtop to give the illusion of extra space. It also works to allow ‘an easy clean’ finish to the kitchen. The exposed brickwork is used as a splashback to create a warehouse feel whilst the red cabinetry works to add a splash of colour in this vast space.

The Statement Piece

The oversized statement lighting piece looms over the island bench allowing your eye to settle and focus there. The yellow cabinetry and timber stools tie together the gold from the underside of the light fitting, warming the room. The exposed brick brings a rustic feel to the home and the sleek greys neutralise it.

Splashback Heaven

The marble splashback is used in this kitchen as a statement piece to an otherwise plain kitchen. However the use of copper pendant lights, timber benchtop and the sweeping ceilings and highlight windows seem to create a modern and chic kitchen with a refined edge to it.

Raw Timber Bench

This kitchen may have elements from the future, its lighting strips, grey tones and stainless steel, yet the real hero is the natural timber bench that seems to make all that is stark and lifeless become subtle and warm. The ‘pops’ of greenery tie in the natural feel that the timber brings to this large space.

Wide-Open Spaces

The simple ‘L’ shape of the kitchen not only creates a wide-open space, it allows the dining table to be placed in the heart of the home, with the added luxury to relocate it whenever it suits. The white floors and walls create the illusion that the cabinetry is floating in this vast space, only held down by geometric shapes.

Wall-to-Wall Cabinetry

This vast space uses a wall of cabinetry providing all appliances for easy access and efficient use of space. The island bench provides multiple bench heights to create an enjoyable entertaining space with the timber cabinets and benchtop bringing together the dark elements and the white tops for a crisp edge.

Mix and Match Materials

Raking ceilings, pendant lights and stackstone splashbacks, are just some of the elements that this modern kitchen uses to create a space that you want to cook in. The rippled effect to the island bench is emphasised with the backlight and is the feature in this large workable kitchen space.

Are you ready to build your new Residential Building WA home? Take this kitchen inspiration away with you and turn it into an amazing home.